Your Life Changes When Your Feet Start to Move

In the BRC family of programs, we have a favorite motto: “Your life changes when your feet start to move.” What do we mean when we say this, and how can you incorporate this philosophy into your recovery journey?

People in Recovery Must Keep Making Positive Progress

Most substance abusers don’t start drinking or using because they want to destroy their lives. However, people who try to quit may find their substance of use calling them back in the form of cravings and withdrawal. Eventually, drug and alcohol abuse becomes a self-sustaining cycle – a rut that’s challenging to find your way out of alone.

Once you accept your need for help and complete a quality substance abuse treatment program, you’ll need to keep finding ways to replace the negativity of addiction with positivity. That means adopting a mindset of personal growth and forward momentum, even in the face of challenges. Through this process, it is easier to forge a path that resonates with your identity, beliefs and values.

You Have What It Takes to Overcome Addiction

Addiction is a disease that compels many people to keep drinking or using, despite worsening physical and mental health and deteriorating relationships. In some cases, that compulsion comes from a void in their lives they feel the need to fill. Hopelessness, despair and constant feelings of being “less than” are common among people who rely on drugs or alcohol as a misguided coping mechanism.

Drugs and alcohol may provide a short-term escape from these negative emotions, but substance abuse will make your mental health worse. Ultimately, an existence that revolves around drugs or alcohol is not rewarding and will reduce your sense of joy and your ability to fully participate in your life.

Beginning to look inward for fulfillment and satisfaction is a powerful tool in protecting your sobriety and reducing the risk of relapse. When you learn you have everything you need to be happy within yourself, you won’t need to search elsewhere for contentment.

Surroundings That Foster Long-Term Recovery

In a recovery-focused environment, it’s easier to focus on your goals because there are no outside distractions or stressors to trouble you. Everyone around you is supportive and respectful of what you’re trying to accomplish, and you’re in a safe setting away from toxic people or negative influences.

However, once you leave the familiar confines of your treatment program and reenter life as a newly sober person, you might encounter various obstacles, including people, places and events that threaten your sobriety. At Segue Recovery Support, we have structured our community to serve as a bridge between addiction rehab and the “real world.” We offer three levels of recovery residences that provide a home-like atmosphere, with comfortable, well-appointed apartments. You will benefit from the additional structure we provide as you immerse yourself fully in the recovery process. Contact us today when you’re ready to learn more.