The Segue Program™

The Segue ProgramTM has offered long-term aftercare support since 2012. Our proven approach pairs each resident with a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist. This recovery coach guides both the resident and their family through the challenges of early recovery.

The Segue Program is a holistic approach to aftercare. Our Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists are assigned to an individual for 12 months. During this time, we provide recovery coaching, case management, monitoring, family engagement, and accountability for both the client and their family. The Segue coach is a guide to assist the client during the often treacherous first year of sobriety. Segue coaches are trained to understand relapse behaviors long before physical substance use takes place. Through family engagement and recovery coaching, Segue can help identify when relapse behaviors are present and intervene before a physical relapse happens. Segue also provides a vital role of helping a family to rebuild trust with their loved one.

The Segue Flyer

Segue I: “Introduction” – During Discharge Planning from BRC

Segue II: “Transition” – Months 1 through 3

Segue III – “Stabilization” – Months 4 through 6

Segue IV – “Acclimation” – Months 7 through 12

Client Benefits

Family/Employer Benefits