Intervention Services

Segue can provide intervention, treatment placement, and detox coordination services. Our experienced team can work with an addict’s support system to raise their bottom and effect change. Call our admissions team today for a confidential consultation.

What is Intervention?

According to NCADD, “Intervention is a professionally directed, education process resulting in a face to face meeting of family members, friends and/or employer with the person in trouble with alcohol or drugs.” It is a coordinated effort to confront a person’s addiction and get them the help they need immediately.

Why is intervention important?

Alcoholics and addicts are often in denial about the severity of their illness. Left to their own devices, many addicts and alcoholics will continue using despite serious and even life threatening consequences. Intervention is necessary to help the afflicted individual confront their illness. Using leverage to encourage a person to seek treatment is often necessary.


No Enabling = No Addiction