Minding Your Mental Health During Recovery

mental healthIt’s Mental Illness Awareness Month and it’s a great time to think about what you can do daily to mind your mental health. In order to have a successful recovery and prevent relapse, you need to tend to your mind, body and spirit – and this is especially true if you’re struggling with a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a huge commitment to start feeling more focused, calmer and happier – and you can start today by adopting one of these healthy habits.

  • Maximize your mornings. What you do in the a.m. can set the tone for the rest of your day, so start off the right way. Make meditation or exercise part of your morning routine and/or take a few minutes to jot down your goals and to-dos for the day.
  • Just move. The next time you feel like you’re in a funk or need a mental break from your day, get up and get moving. This could mean a brisk walk outside or just running up and down the stairs a few times to get those feel-good endorphins flowing. Bonus: If you head outdoors, you’ll also reap the mental health benefits of nature and the mood-boosting vitamin D from sunshine.
  • Make real connections. While texting and social media is great for staying in touch with loved ones, it can’t replace face-to-face time. Set a weekly coffee date with a supportive friend or family member. Or just pick up the phone and call someone so you can talk about your day and laugh together.
  • Give a little gratitude. There are so many recovery and mental health benefits of gratitude, including increased energy and optimism. And it just takes a second. Stop what you’re doing and ask yourself what you’re thankful for today? Sunshine, seasonal fruit, a new friend – even simple things count!
  • Breathe deeply. Making an effort to use your breath consciously is a powerful mental health tool. It can help quell stress and stop you from being reactive. Plus, it will teach you to stay in the moment. Try it!

Caring for Your Mental Health at Segue
For more information about how our addiction recovery services can help you or someone you love mind your mental health in order to be your best sober self, contact a Segue Recovery Specialist today: 866-905-4550.