Great Ways to Give Back 

giving backGiving back is a great gift for your recovery and for those who need it most. Here are a few simple ways you can help out this holiday season and show support to those in your community:

  • Purchase a toy. There are roughly 13 million children in America who live in poverty and who will receive few or no toys this season. Toys for Tots has locations in every state – and just one toy or a small monetary donation can make a huge difference in a child’s life.
  • Volunteer for the Veterans. Many vets are spending the holidays alone and veteran organizations are in need of donations of items like winter coats, thermal underwear and toiletries as well as services – from decorating to administrative tasks.
  • Serve a holiday meal. Spend an hour or two at a soup kitchen or shelter and help wash dishes, ladle gravy or welcome someone in from the cold with a warm smile.
  • Help your furry friends. Winter can be a cold and lonely time for animals, and more hands-on help may be needed at your local shelter. This could mean a greater need for volunteers. Call your local shelter to see how you can contribute.
  • Buy a little extra. Nonperishable food drives are everywhere this time of year. Pick up an extra can of soup or tuna or beans at the grocery store or purchase a few rolls of toilet paper. The most sought-after items are often not edible at all. Think toiletries like shampoo, soap, feminine hygiene products and toothpaste. You may be able to donate these items right at the grocery store.
  • Double your recipe. If you have a famous cookie or brownie recipe, tis is the season to spread the joy. Bake a few extra for someone who has supported you in your recovery or offer a little home-baked comfort to the volunteers at your local ambulance or fire station. If possible, keep it nut-free so your goodies are welcome in a variety of places.
  • Begin at home. Giving back can also include your friends, family and neighbors. Buy a cup of coffee for a recovery peer, help a sibling wrap gifts or offer to mind a plant for a neighbor. Even the smallest acts can go a long way.

Giving Yourself the Gift of Lasting Sobriety
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