Finding Sober Supporters After Treatment

If your old life revolved around drugs and alcohol, it’s likely that most of your relationships stemmed from substance use as well. Now that you’ve finally achieved your hard-won goal of sobriety, you might be wondering how to make new friends without the crutch of these intoxicants standing in your way. Here are some ideas for finding sober supporters after your discharge from treatment.

1. Attend Sober Events

As an adult, meeting new people can be a challenge – especially when you are in recovery and devoting so much of your focus to working on yourself and your needs. But having friends who share the same goals as you do can help keep you motivated and heading in a positive direction. You can find sober supporters by making time on your calendar to attend drug- and alcohol-free events such as outdoor yoga classes, art festivals and sober meetups. You could also check out Sans Bar, whose mission is “to curate sober positive social experiences for everyone.”

2. Volunteer

If you’re searching for a way to meet like-minded people while experiencing the benefits of making a difference in the world, volunteering is the answer. Whether you choose to volunteer in person or online is up to you, but finding a cause and committing to it is sure to help you make new connections and feel a more intimate involvement with the world around you.

3. Go to Group Therapy

Whether you choose to attend 12-step meetings or alternative options such as SMART Recovery, you’ll meet many people in various stages of their recovery journey. These groups present an excellent opportunity to find sober supporters. You might even meet someone who can eventually become your recovery sponsor.

4. Enroll in a Class

Even if it’s been a while since you were in school, it’s never too late to learn something new. Taking a course is an excellent way to stay sharp and avoid falling into the trap of boredom. Plus, you’ll find it easier to relate to people when you know they’re interested in studying the same subject as you are.

Sober Supporters Can Smooth the Path to Recovery

Self-isolation is one of the defining characteristics of addiction. Once you break free of that mindset, you’ll need to relearn how to reach out to people and forge new connections. Having sober supporters can teach you that you are worthy of the love of others, and that you deserve to be healthy and happy. Recovery is a challenging undertaking, and you’ll be better off when you accept help on the journey.

If you’re committed to preventing a relapse and sticking with your newfound mission of sobriety, Segue Recovery Support can help with our recovery residences that help adults transition between structured addiction treatment and resuming life in the “real world.” Learn more about our admissions criteria here.