Creating Healthy Routines During COVID-19

healthy routines

It’s been a bit more than two months since the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to an abrupt halt. In that time, we’ve all had to significantly shift the way we live our lives – and many experts have already predicted it may be quite some time before we can return to the way things used to be. With life as we know it indefinitely on hold, what can you do to launch a new routine that structures your days? Establish a Healthy Work-Life Balance If you’re lucky enough to have a job that lends itself to telework, your priority […]

5 Proven Benefits of Gratitude


You probably have at least one acquaintance or friend who can maintain a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances. They have no problem staying upbeat and optimistic in the face of life’s setbacks. What’s their secret? Gratitude. Whether you choose to write down your thoughts in a journal or take a moment for a gratitude meditation, giving thanks has transformative powers. Here are five proven benefits of being grateful. 1. Improved Mental Well-Being For people who struggle with mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, a practice of gratitude can work to their advantage. One study of people who […]

Stress Relief: 5 Things You Should Do for Yourself While Social Distancing

stress relief

Have you recently caught yourself frantically scrolling through your newsfeed in search of the latest updates, while simultaneously stress-snacking on junk foods? There are better ways to cope with coronavirus-related anxieties, even in self-isolation. Here are five tips for stress relief you can try in these unprecedented times. 1. Meditate You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation for years – better mental equilibrium, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, improved memory and more self-discipline, to name a few – but if you’ve never tried it in earnest before, now’s the time. Meditation is an excellent way to quiet your mind, […]

Coping With Addiction During COVID-19 Quarantine

If you are one of the many people who have reclaimed your independence from drugs and alcohol and are trying to maintain your sobriety during these extraordinary times, we congratulate you on the progress you’ve made thus far. However, we also recognize that the need to self-quarantine to protect yourself and your neighbors has presented you with unique challenges. Here’s how to tackle these issues head-on. 1. Avoid Loneliness Isolation is a hallmark of addiction for many people. As the disease takes a firmer and firmer hold, addicts often retreat from formerly enjoyable activities and distance themselves from their loved […]

How to Manage Your Emotional Health During a Pandemic

emotional health

Amid an unprecedented situation like the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s easy to feel an increased sense of stress and worry. Taking steps in our daily lives to slow the spread of the virus among our neighbors is essential for our physical health. However, it’s also crucial to find outlets to protect our mental and emotional well-being. In these challenging times, you may be experiencing increased feelings of frustration, uncertainty or irritability. While some emotional upheaval is normal and expected, there are many ways you can make yourself more resilient in the face of coronavirus. 1. Give Yourself Good News Breaks Though […]

How Self-Management Skills Help You Overcome Addiction

self-management skills

Study after study has shown us that addiction is a chronic disease. Successful treatment requires an array of therapeutic approaches that not only address the root causes of the illness, but that also help provide the foundational tools needed to prevent a relapse. Self-management skills are chief among these. How can self-management play a role in your recovery? What Is Self-Management? The term “self-management” refers to any set of tasks people with chronic conditions must do to learn how to live longer, healthier lives. Over time, honing self-management skills is essential for people to gain autonomy over illnesses such as […]

What Non-Addicts Should Know About Addiction

explaining addiction to non-addicts

Along your recovery journey, you’ll eventually meet people who won’t understand your addiction. Whether they misconstrue it as a character flaw, or assume it’s possible to “outgrow” a substance misuse problem over time, they need someone to step in and help clear the air. What should you say if you find yourself in the position of having to explain addiction to a non-addict? Here are some helpful things you can bring up. Addiction Can Happen to Anyone Substance abuse disorders are a great equalizer. Addiction doesn’t care about your age, race, upbringing, gender identity or intellect. Nobody starts drinking or […]

The Importance of a Quality Aftercare Program for Addiction Recovery


People often enter addiction treatment with the misconception that their initial 30- to 90-day stay in rehab is enough to “cure” their disease. In truth, the recovery process extends for many years after someone decides to walk away from drugs or drinking for good. Successfully remaining clean and sober for a lifetime requires careful planning and an aftercare program that addresses the unique needs of people in recovery. What Is Addiction Aftercare? Aftercare programs benefit recovering addicts for several reasons. The most significant of these is that people may still be vulnerable to a relapse even after completing their inpatient […]

Why Should Recovering Addicts Avoid Non-Alcoholic Beer?

non-alcoholic beer

The popularity and easy availability of non-alcoholic beer have created a new hazard for recovering alcoholics working to prevent a relapse. Many people assume this option is safe for people in recovery, but substituting one behavior for another is not a healthy way to preserve your sobriety. Why Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Dangerous for Recovering Alcoholics? People may gravitate to “near beer” because they don’t like feeling left out during parties and other social occasions where people are drinking. However, it’s better to stick with water or soda at these gatherings. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself during […]

How to Beat the Winter Blues

The realization that there are still a couple of months of cold, dreary weather ahead can be a real drag. If you find yourself feeling like a different person in winter, and it seems like your mood won’t improve until spring, you could be struggling with seasonal depression. Here are some natural ways to boost your mood and defeat your winter blues this year. 1. Light Therapy While psychologists have yet to pinpoint the exact reasons behind why some people experience the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges of seasonal depression, one hypothesis is that it occurs because we experience much […]