How to Plan for Long-Term Addiction Recovery

long-term addiction recovery

Once you’ve completed drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll need to face a much more significant challenge of figuring out what to do next. Without a strategy, you may find yourself unsure of how to resume daily life. Creating a comprehensive recovery plan can set you up for success in your goal of pursuing long-term sobriety. Here’s how to do it. 1. Develop a Routine Structure is a benefit of addiction treatment that will serve you well, but once you exit rehab, you may find that sorely lacking. You’ll need to find a way to fill the hours you used to […]

Feeling Unmotivated? Here’s How to Get Moving


Life’s full of ups and downs. Some days, you might struggle to find your motivation – especially in the past few months, while quarantining at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s understandable to have trouble getting it together now and again, but if you need help breaking out of a rut, follow these tips. 1. Accept That It’s OK to Be Imperfect Even in the best of times, nobody has all the answers – and a worldwide pandemic is hardly the ideal scenario for anyone. The sooner you recognize that no one expects you to be perfect, the […]

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction and Depression

addiction and depression

The more we learn about substance abuse and mental health disorders, the better we understand the link between them. Mental health professionals call it a dual diagnosis when someone struggles with addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time. If you are living with both depression and a substance use disorder, you may wonder which came first, and how to effectively treat them so you can live a happier, healthier life. Addiction and Depression: A Chicken-and-Egg Scenario Does substance abuse cause depression, or vice versa? The answer is that both can be true. Often, the pain of depression […]

Our Top 5 Sober Independence Day Activities


Independence Day is upon us once again, bringing the increased risk of a relapse for many people in recovery. Holidays can be especially dangerous because they tend to lack the structure that defines normal days, leaving you with extra hours to fill. With that in mind, you’ll need to have a plan for how you’ll spend the day in a way that helps you avoid pitfalls and triggers. Here are suggestions for our top five sober Independence Day activities. 1. Attend a Recovery Meeting You can start your day on a positive note by using the morning to go to […]

Healthy Goal-Setting Strategies for a Positive Lifestyle

goal-setting strategies

The need to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us with extra time to reevaluate what we are doing with our lives. It’s an excellent opportunity to ask yourself if you have become the person you hoped to be, and, if not, what you can do to get there. If you take stock of your aspirations and realize you have fallen short, it’s never too late to hit the reset button with these healthy goal-setting strategies. 1. Begin With Intention If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you know the importance of setting an intention before you begin. Intention, […]

The Dangers of Non-Alcoholic Beer

non-alcoholic beer

Once you’re pursuing recovery from alcohol addiction, non-alcoholic beer may seem like an appealing and safe option. After all, it won’t get you drunk and lead to problems such as reckless behavior, impaired judgment or blackouts. However, non-alcoholic beer has several issues you should be aware of. Here’s why recovering alcoholics should steer clear of “near beer.” Why Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Dangerous for Recovering Alcoholics? You may gravitate to “near beer” because you don’t like feeling left out during parties and other social occasions where people are drinking. However, it’s better to stick with water or soft drinks at these […]

Finding Sober Supporters After Treatment

sober supporters

If your old life revolved around drugs and alcohol, it’s likely that most of your relationships stemmed from substance use as well. Now that you’ve finally achieved your hard-won goal of sobriety, you might be wondering how to make new friends without the crutch of these intoxicants standing in your way. Here are some ideas for finding sober supporters after your discharge from treatment. 1. Attend Sober Events As an adult, meeting new people can be a challenge – especially when you are in recovery and devoting so much of your focus to working on yourself and your needs. But […]

Creating Healthy Routines During COVID-19

healthy routines

It’s been a bit more than two months since the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to an abrupt halt. In that time, we’ve all had to significantly shift the way we live our lives – and many experts have already predicted it may be quite some time before we can return to the way things used to be. With life as we know it indefinitely on hold, what can you do to launch a new routine that structures your days? Establish a Healthy Work-Life Balance If you’re lucky enough to have a job that lends itself to telework, your priority […]

5 Proven Benefits of Gratitude


You probably have at least one acquaintance or friend who can maintain a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances. They have no problem staying upbeat and optimistic in the face of life’s setbacks. What’s their secret? Gratitude. Whether you choose to write down your thoughts in a journal or take a moment for a gratitude meditation, giving thanks has transformative powers. Here are five proven benefits of being grateful. 1. Improved Mental Well-Being For people who struggle with mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, a practice of gratitude can work to their advantage. One study of people who […]

Stress Relief: 5 Things You Should Do for Yourself While Social Distancing

stress relief

Have you recently caught yourself frantically scrolling through your newsfeed in search of the latest updates, while simultaneously stress-snacking on junk foods? There are better ways to cope with coronavirus-related anxieties, even in self-isolation. Here are five tips for stress relief you can try in these unprecedented times. 1. Meditate You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation for years – better mental equilibrium, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, improved memory and more self-discipline, to name a few – but if you’ve never tried it in earnest before, now’s the time. Meditation is an excellent way to quiet your mind, […]