Benefits of Living in a Sober House

The day you get discharged from rehab, you may initially feel as if you have “cured” your addiction. However, in reality, you’ll find the end of your rehab program is only the beginning of your lifelong recovery journey.

No matter how smoothly your initial treatment period went, there’s always a chance you’ll feel like you’re on unsteady ground once you find yourself back in the real world, outside the regimented environment of rehab. While you want to avoid relapse at all costs, you’re uncertain whether you have all the tools to do the right thing in every scenario. If this sounds like you, you could be an excellent candidate for moving into a sober living environment.

What Is a Sober Living Home?

Changing your lifestyle is a vital part of success in addiction recovery. A sober living home can help you accomplish this goal by enabling you to slowly integrate yourself back into daily living, while steering clear of the people, places and things that might represent roadblocks to your well-being and stability. You’ll have the opportunity to live in a homey environment, surrounded by others who are also pursuing their recovery goals. These individuals can form the nexus of your sober support network.

Do You Need a Sober Living Environment?

Research has proven a correlation between time spent in treatment and long-term success in recovery. Often, after someone has completed their first stay in rehab, they feel they need extra structure and support in acclimating to a sober lifestyle.

Relapses back into drug and alcohol use are not a moral failing; instead, they occur because triggers and cravings have initiated a cascade of events that have given someone an overwhelming desire to escape their feelings.

If you had a long-established pattern of substance misuse, you may struggle to get back into the rhythms of your daily life without falling back into unhealthy habits. A sober living home helps residents maintain an active connection with the recovery community, thus making it more likely that they can avoid triggers and prevent a relapse.

The Benefits of Sober Living

Newly recovering addicts who need more time to solidify the foundation of their sobriety can find the tools they need in a sober home.

While living at Segue’s recovery residences, you will have to adhere to rules like these:

  • Remaining in a gender-specific environment
  • Participating in early-morning meditation sessions
  • Attending regular 12-step meetings
  • Performing community service work
  • Working part-time
  • Submitting to regular drug and alcohol testing

Lifelong Recovery Begins With Long-Term Care

Completing substance abuse treatment is unquestionably a milestone. But the true journey toward lifelong recovery begins when you take your first step out into the real world. Now, you are committing to sustaining your sobriety in every waking moment for the rest of your life. For many recovering addicts, that idea can prove to be somewhat overwhelming. You will encounter challenges at various points, and how you respond to them will define your character going forward.

If you are in recovery and feel you need additional structure to succeed, Segue Recovery Support is here to bridge the gap between a traditional treatment program and life in the world outside rehab. Contact us to learn more about how to take advantage of our comprehensive aftercare services.