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Segue provides a holistic approach to provide a comprehensive aftercare program. Segue recovery coaches fulfill numerous functions in helping keep clients engaged in their recovery.

Recovery Coaching is core peer recovery support provided by certified peer recovery coaches give clients a mentor to help them with all the obstacles of early recovery. Whether dealing with relationship problems, employment issues, or the normal mood swings of early recovery, the Recovery Coach acts as an anchor to provide clients with a first point of contact for all issues related to recovery.

Accountability is a key component of the Segue Program. Relapse is a process, not an event. Preceding any physical relapse are often behavior patterns that can be easily identified by our experienced recovery coaches. Segue coaches hold clients accountable to the actions that produce lasting recovery, like meeting attendance, sponsor engagement, service work, and other key components to early recovery.

The family is a crucial piece of the recovery puzzle, and Segue provides a neutral third party who can help prevent enabling and foster restoration of trust. The Segue coach works with the family for the entire year, guiding and coaching them, while also providing accurate reporting and analysis of progress.

Segue monitoring can provide a third party verified track record of sobriety through regular drug and alcohol testing. Segue also monitors meeting attendance and other recovery related activities.

Segue provides case management to clients for the year-long program. Working with collateral contacts, Segue can help coordinate medical and clinical care with practitioners. Segue can also assist with legal, educational, and occupational issues.

Recovery Residences for All Levels of Care

High Accountability Residence Living Room

High Accountability Sober Living

Our high accountability houses offer the perfect transition from the safety of inpatient treatment. People leaving treatment often crave the same level of structure they received during their inpatient stay, but they need to begin re-acclimating to independent living. Residents in High Accountability Sober Living participate in daily accountability groups, prayer & meditation, evening review, and process groups. Clinical services augment the inpatient treatment to provide the aftercare support that is often vital to success.

Traditional Sober Living

Traditional Sober Living

Traditional Sober Living offers a structured, accountable environment for a resident to continue to thrive. Privileges are earned in phases as residents demonstrate a capacity to be responsible and consistent in their recovery . The small home setting allows for high levels of peer support and personalized attention from the house manager.

Graduate Style ApartmentsGraduate Style Apartments

Graduate Style Apartments provide a mostly independent living environment, while still giving the resident the peer support and accountability that comes with traditional and high accountability sober living. Residents live independently in one and two bedroom apartments. The community is managed by a full time community manager, but residents are offered more privileges and autonomy than traditional sober living.

All Segue Recovery Residences are gender specific, abstinence based programs. Regular drug and alcohol testing is enforced to ensure safety of all members of the house or community.

Aftercare Services to Improve Outcomes

Segue ProgramThe Segue Programâ„¢

The Segue Program has been offered to clients of BRC Recovery since 2012. We found that participants in the Segue program had dramatically increased success rates as measured by both sobriety and quality of life. We decided to open these vital services up to anyone who wanted a supportive, personalized aftercare program.

The Segue Program is a holistic approach to aftercare. Our Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists are assigned to an individual for 12 months. During this time, we provide recovery coaching, case management, monitoring, family engagement, and accountability for both the client and their family. The Segue coach is a guide to assist the client during the often treacherous first year of sobriety. Segue coaches are trained to understand relapse behaviors long before physical substance use takes place. Through family engagement and recovery coaching, Segue can help identify when relapse behaviors are present and intervene before a physical relapse happens. Segue also provides a vital role of helping a family to rebuild trust with their loved one.

Recovery Services

Recovery Support Services

Segue offers a wide variety of recovery support services. Whether it is pre-treatment intervention or sober transportation services, Segue has an experienced staff that can provide ancillary services that are often vital in early recovery.

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